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Shopper Using an EncomPos Software Gift Card

Extend Your Store's Reach

Store branded gift cards travel with your customers and whenever they open their wallet your business is being promoted. They're not just convenient for your customers, they can also help you build your business.

Built-In Store Tracked Cards

Gift cards tracked internally by EncomPos Retail let you use choose your card supplier. Built in cards can be sold, reloaded, issued returns onto and re-sold once a customer has fully used it. They do not require integrated merchant processing. Below are two companies we recommend for your card printing services.

Plastic Resource Information


Upgrade your paper gift certificates! Plastic gift cards customized with your logo and company colors are a must for your business. Plastic Resource offers free card design assistance, high quality USA made cards, fast 4-9 day turnarounds, free shipping in the USA and no setup fees.

e Card Systems Information


Our three US facilities produce many of the most creative and inspiring cards around. From brilliant, full-color images to translucent and metallic cards. Plus all the options for magstripes, encoding, numbering, barcoding, signature panel, scratch-off and foil stamping.

EncomPos Gift Card Features Include:


In Store Tracking & Fast Card Lookups

No need to use a third party to track your store gift cards - EncomPos Retail will handle it for you.  And our fast card lookup at the POS provides instant information on usage and card balances.  And there is no integrated merchant processing required.


Making the Most of Your Investment

Sell, Redeem, Reload and eventually resell as many times as you want to get the most value out of your gift cards.


Customizable Cards

Use your custom artwork and redemption rules text to stand out among the others.


Giftcard Giveaways

Utilize our giveaway card interface to create card values of your choice to give for free to customers to promote your business or to satisy a customer complaint.


Tracking & Transparency

Usage and balances are printed at the bottom of each receipt anytime a gift card is tendered against.


Benefiting from Unredeemed Balances

Consumers spend more than $160 billion on gift cards per year with roughly $1 billion unspent. In addition to purchasing cards, your customer return purchases can also go onto a gift card, 

A Win-Win Situation

Gift cards make great gifts, putting the consumer in control of what they buy instead of receiving something they might like. With the gift card industry as a whole expected to reach over $160 billion by the year 2019, gift cards are only going to become even more popular. 


Vantiv Payment Systems Logo

Virtual Gift Card Processing

Vantiv, your integrated merchant processor, can make gift cards for single locations or custom-designed cards for franchises. Best of all, their comprehensive gift card service is already built into the terminal you use for payment processing, so it's ready when you are. And if you do have a problem, they’re always available 24/7 for any technical support.

Features of Vantiv’s gift card processing solutions: 

Choice of custom or pre-designed cards. 

Variable or preset card value.

Customizable card controls.

Over a dozen transaction types.

Customers can scan a QR code for instant balance information.

Suspend lost and stolen tagging on cards.

Enhanced PIN and security code support.

Virtual gift card terminal processing.

Integrated into the POS or terminal.

Multi-store solutions with ACH funds transfers and cross-store reconciliation.

Virtual gift card option.

eGifting Service.

Online reporting.

Acquire New Customers

Gift cards bring new customers into your store. Maybe they have heard of your business and have been intending to check it out. The gift card they received give them the very reason they need to make their first visit.

Retain Existing Customers

Gift Card giveaways to your current customers can result in repeat business and increase the frequency your customers come into your store. Not only does it increase customer sentiment for your business, but it can also help you retain their business and lead to up-selling.

Up-Selling Benefits

When customers come in to use their gift cards, it's the perfect time for your sales associates to up-sell, helping them find that must have item. That's because shoppers who do redeem their gift card are likely to spend 4.5 times the gift card’s original value, resulting in profit for your business.


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