FailSafe Register

So You Never Lose the Ability to Keep Selling

EncomPos Failsafe Register Plan B

FailSafe Timeline

1. Server or Network Goes Down

No one wants it to happen but eventually your store server or entire network will go down. When this happens, your POS software stops running, sales associates get confused, and customers rapidly lose their patience.

2. Registers Detect Loss of Connection

Within seconds the registers will detect that they are no longer communicating with your server and the POS software for most stores will stop running.

3. FailSafe Options Open at POS Stations

Stores running EncomPos Retail immediately receive a window prompt showing one of two modes to run in while not connected to the server. Offline mode allows the software to run the POS only whereas Offsite Mode lets you run the POS and get into the Retail Operations to make temporary changes while outside of the server's environment - ideal for sidewalk sales, farmer's markets or mobile sales units.

4. Associate Chooses Offline Mode

Once the associate selects Offline mode the local PC will connect to a backup of the database from the night before so the most up to date pricing and discounts will ring up.

5. EncomPos Retail POS launches

Upon selecting Offline mode EncomPos Retail Point of Sale will launch for the sales associate.

6. Associates Continue Ringing Sales

Sales associates can immediately get back to ringing up your customer purchases with only a one to two minute wait. Everything rings as normal and associates continue running as though nothing has happened.

7. Server or Network Comes Back Up

Eventually the store server or network will come back up, giving you the ability to run on the live database again.

8. POS Stations Detect Server or Network

Between each sale at each POS station the software checks to see if the database connection is back up. It's seamless and effective at detecting the server.

9. Sales Automatically Syncronize to Server

Once the POS stations see the server, they will automatically reconnect and start working from the live networked database. Sales made in Offline or Offsite mode will syncronize to the server without the push of a button.

10. Back to Business With No Downtime

Once the sales are syncronized to the server, EncomPos Retail will launch the Point of Sale software for the associate to continue ringing up sales as though nothing happened.


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