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for Specialty & Natural Markets

Automate Customer Orders

Stop using sticky notes and call logs to track your customers special orders! From counter to receiving, special orders are easy, automated and fully tracked. Place the order through the Point of Sale - take a deposit or pay in full. Order it from your supplier - let the system generate the order or manually trigger it when ready. Receive the order - this will generate a special order pickup to print. Pickup the special order at the POS - deposits and balances are calculated, the order is closed, and both you and your customer are satisfied.

Wireless Handheld for Remote Activities

Streamline your business with our Portable wireless handheld - perform 20 different remote activities without having to do any remote syncronization. We use a secured live connection to the database. Activities include Ordering, Receiving, Ordering Product Labels, Ordering Shelf Tags, Printing Product Labels and Shelf Tags on Demand to a Portable Printer, Change Prices, Perform a Physical Inventory, Adjust Quantity Onhand counts and much more.

Robust Promotion Management

All of our stores rely heavily on our promotion zone automating over a dozen discount types for their monthly Hot Sheets and Circulars. Report on your promotion sales and see your net profits after the discounts.

So Many Promotion Types To Choose From

- Percent Off Retail
- Volume Discounts with Mix & Match of different products to add up to the discount
- New Profit Margin
- Buy x Get $ Off
- Buy x Get % Off
- Buy x Get y Free
- Dollar Off Retail
- Tax Free Days
- Use New Price
- Markup Cost
- Cost Only Promo
- Use Price Level (1-5) 

Accumulation Rewards

Offer unique Accumulation Reward programs that your customers can only get through you. This is an extremely popular tool that most of our pet stores utilize to keep their customers coming back. Create Spend $ / Buy (x) product programs and define from any of six reward types including free product, store coupon, store credit, instant dollar off, average retail off and lowest retail.

Detailed Reward Reporting

Run detailed reports for your suppliers on your Reward programs for obtaining free product/$ off totals and eligible purchases leading up to the reward. This provides the necessary tracking to obtain credit for supplier sponsored programs.

Customer Discount Grid

Create a customer Discount Grid to set discounted pricing. Choose Cost, Cost +, % Off or one of our 5 Price Levels to automate your customers discounts, streamlining the time it takes to finish the sale.

Promotion Tie-In Barcodes

Use our promotional tie-in barcode for email or print marketing to tie only those customers with a coupon to get special promotion pricing or reward program participation.

Inventory Options for Food Items

For businesses that prepare food items for their customers, the Option Item inventory type is the best way to create options the customer can add on or take away. Food orders can also go to a separate kitchen printer, displaying only the food order and options necessary to prepare the customers order.

Supplier Catalog Integration

Make use of your supplier catalogs by importing them into the software to access price changes, discontinued items and new products. And for suppliers who carry the same product lines, use the catalogs to cross vendor order to get the best price or fastest delivery possible.

Powerful Ordering System

Take advantage of our powerful Purchase Order system that automates the entire product life cycle. Start by using our suggested order analysis to build orders pulling from min/max, qty sold, or the Order Analyst, based on shelf life, sales history and forecasting.

Cross Supplier

Quickly edit your orders with the ability to add items normally ordered from other suppliers (but may be obtained from the supplier the order is written for) as cross order items.

Send PO's Through EncomPos

Use a Fax Printer or Print for Manual Faxing, Direct Send via embedded e-mail services, Direct Send via built in FTP capabilities or upload directly.

Easy PO Check-In's

Check in purchase orders live with our integrated handheld, Import PO invoice files from any supplier providing an electronic invoice using our custom importer, or manually check in orders from the Retail Operations.

Barcode Label Printing

Utilize either sheet stock or rolled labels to print customizeable labels for your products, with several label sizes to choose from to print either shelf tags or product labels.

Promotion Shelf Tags

Catch your customer's attention using custom stock for eye catching shelf tags for promotion items or add color to your standard shelf tag stock to distinguish items on sale.

Shelf Tags

Manage product label and shelf tag printing from EncomPos Retail to a standard laser, standard dedicated label printer, or through our wireless handheld compatible portable printer. Print the price per unit on your Shelf Tags for customer to make buying decisions.

Image Selling

Utilize our picture based selling interface, an ideal method for selling Produce, Bulk and non-barcoded products. Create any number of categories, then assign unlimited products to those categories along with images to make for an easy touch selling interface.

Direct Sell Buttons

Assign merchandise to up to 120 buttons you can custom name and color code for quick selling of items that are difficult to label.

Express Sell

Mark an unlimited number of inventory products as Express Sellers, set their page ID and sort order and access those items through the Express Sell button at the POS.

Receipt Options

Choose to Email, print and Email with optional "Prompt to Print", or always print your customers sales receipts so you can GO GREEN when possible.

Gift Card Tracking

Integrate your Gift Card tracking - Sell, Recharge or Resell to get the most value from your cards.

Gift Card Giveaways

Selling a gift card and price adjusting it to zero dollars keeps the original value sold on the card but will let you finish the sale without taking in money. Now use those cards for your next event to get those customers back in to buy something.

Quick Customer

Use the Quick Customer interface to look up or add customers to your database. Enhanced duplicaton checking aides in preventing multiple customer entries for the same person.

Shopping Cart & Receipt Lookup

Purchase history is a breeze to access through the shopping cart icon when pulling up a customer or from the Receipt Lookup button, which shows all customer purchases for the selected date.

Track How Customers Found You

Follow how your customers Heard About Your Store by creating a list of different options that your sales associates can specify when the customer is added into the system. Use that information to send out emails and gather target marketing.

Line of Credit Accounts for Customers

Establish Line of credit (LOC) acccounts, set starting balances, and fully track charges and payments to invoice and report within EncomPos - Optional feed to Quickbooks.

Tax Exemption

Indicate tax exempt status on each of your customer's profiles. Report tax exempt sales separate from taxable and non-taxable sales.

Target Marketing

Send emails directly from EncomPos Retail to any set of customers based on dynamic search criteria.

Adopt a Layaway Program

Let your customers Layaway products to allow for payments over time. Create a layaway receipt message, set a minimum deposit amount, and dictate how deposits are returned should the customer cancel.


Create product notes, customer notes and department notes that either pop up for the associate to acknowledge or print on the customer's receipt. Use for ingredient lists, usage notes, or cross market companion products.

Map Your Floor Plan

Set up a floor plan, identifying aisles, endcaps and floor displays that you can assign items belonging in those locations to aide associates in finding products faster for your customers.

Assembly Items

Assemble items together to sell for a set price or with upgradeable price options. Utilize any of the 3 assembly types (Kits, Linked Sellers, and Fusion Items) that coordinate the selling of packages and kits.

On The Fly Packaging

Package items on the fly. Simple and fast... Ring your items, then select the items you want to package and press Package Items. The system displays the current margin and combined price and allows you to set an appropriate package price. Discounts are then evenly distributed to each product in the package.

POS Scale Integration

Communicates with Countertop scales for instant transmission of the products weight to EncomPos Retail to calculate a price per pound to the sales ticket.

Tax Breakdown Flexibility

EncomPos Retail handles up to four taxes per item flexible enough for any state, or local tax rule including Canada.


Inventory Price Calculator

For products with variable pricing, use the auto cost configuration tool to set either a margin percent below the retail, a dollar amount under the retail, or cost equal to retail to calculate the cost dynamically at the time of purchase.

Complete Reporting

Reports for End of Day, Transaction History, Product Sales, Customer Shopping Activity, Purchasing & Receiving, Time Clock Tracking, and many more!

Inventory Valuation Methods

Utilize one of three Inventory Valuation Accounting Methods: First in First Out (FIFO), Last In First Out (LIFO), or "Simple" which can be set to last cost (common) or average cost. Ask your accountant what's best for your business.

Quickbooks Integration

Create iif files from EncomPos to import into Quickbooks your daily sales figures, cost of goods adjustments, supplier receivables and customer account charges & receivables. Map your current quickbook chart of accounts to our open interface.


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