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Merchant Services

Get integrated - there's no obligation, but integrated is fast and secure

Why Integrated?

Time at the payment terminal should be recognized as an extremely important part of your customers over-all store experience. They spend critical time interacting with the payment pad and they want a trouble free and hassle free interaction with the payment system. It's usually a Wow or Ughh. They also want every way to pay. With two exceptional PinPads and all the compliancy and capabilities to choose from, the Ingenico Telium Series and the Verifone VX805 are reliable and easy to use.

Get high speed I/P based 1-2 second authorizations.

Single point of entry. No sliding the customers card on an external processing device, awaiting for an approval, then entering the tender at the POS and hope the correct tender was selected by your associate.

End to End encryption and tokenized card data for everyone's protection.

Store your customer's tokenized credit cards under their profile and use it to pay for future sales. Upon using a token you automatically receive another to use in the future, thus eliminating the need for their physical card again.

The customer handles their own card - no bad employee skimming.

Card data is immediately encrypted, reducing your PCI compliance burden.

Encrypted data is meaningless to hackers.
There are no additional charges to utilize integrated E-Pay.

Integration FAQ's

Mercury Payments out of Durango, Colorado is our original merchant integrator. With a track record of 99.9% uptime, Vantiv purchased Mercury in 2014. In 2017 Vantiv purchased WorldPay and took on the WorldPay brand name. They have become one of the largest payment networks in the world.

WorldPay offers tokenization, E2E (end to end encryption), Vantiv Stand In (authorizing in the event their partner processor is down), Free Gift Card processing platform with gift cards containing a QR code for balance inquiry through a live web portal. And... EncomPos Retail v6.0 now supports the latest Out-Of-Scope card processing platform from Vantiv including the most secure EMV platform.

And our newest merchant integrator is Heartland Payment Systems, utilizing Global Paymets Inc., a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions delivering innovative services to our customers globally. Our technologies, services and employee expertise enable us to provide a broad range of solutions that allow our customers to accept various payment types and operate their businesses more efficiently across a variety of distribution channels in many markets around the world.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 10,000 employees worldwide, Global Payments is a member of the S&P 500 with customers and partners in 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Brazil.

We are also processing with Sterling Payment Technologies who was recently acquired by EVO Payments. EVO adds international processing expanding our reach to many parts of the world.

Offering multiple payment solutions means you can pick and choose. No more locking you in to a single processor. Get a quote for all or one. Its up to you. 

EncomPos works with a merchant technology solution that affords EncomPos Retail to truly embed the merchant processing functionality seamlessly within our software. Unlike software based solutions that require a third party software to purchase, maintain, and rely on, EncomPos removes this from the equation. The embedded solution is developed by DataCap Systems Inc. NETEPAY.

We embed the Netepay client software component directly into EncomPos Retail. The client software is responsible for the protected communications and transport of requests to a host DataCAP server that has been programmed for a bank or processors credentials. In order to remove the burden of running a datacap server software in house where you the merchant become the processing agent, we utilize Vantiv Integrated Payments who hosts an integrated DataCAP server with distributed failover IP's as our primary processing capabilities. Vantiv Integrated Payments offers services beyond a traditional bank sign up with features and a price that can't be matched by any bank.  

Although EncomPos is already PCI compliant, out of scope is another beast. By utilizing an out of scope solution you eliminate monthly non-compliancy fees, benefit from hack resistant end to end encrypted (E2E/P2PE) pinpads where card data is never exposed or stored in the raw, POS PCI compliancy, EMV Chip, Tap to Pay, (NFC), Apple Pay and traditional swiped Credit/Debit/EBT.

And the new merchant platform Vantiv PDCX/EMV replaces card data with secure tokens allowing for safe no risk storage of card data for recurring charges or one time returns without needing a physical card or manual entry of card data.

Worldpay Integrates with EncomPos Retail

Integrated Credit Card Processing with Vantiv/WorldPay

Heartland Integrates with EncomPos Retail

Integrated Credit Card Processing with Heartland

Sterling/EVO Payment Systems Integrates with EncomPos Retail

Integrated Credit Card Processing with Sterling / EVO International


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