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Scubaocity Reservation Connector

Our Online Booking Calendar Partner

How Does it Work?

The Scubaocity Sync is set up to run constantly, always checking both sides to either sync information up to your Scubaocity site or pull information down into EncomPos. You don't have to do anything - the sync is always working for you!

Which data Syncronizes?

Classes, charters, multi-day trips and events can be created in Scubaocity or EncomPos.

What are Event Options?

Event options allow you to fluctuate the price of your events with unlimited options or use them so customers can choose their meals, drinks, or anything you want to offer. Options can even be a product in your inventory using the item level settings.

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Individual Sign-Ups

Individuals can sign up online or directly with the store - either way the reservation will display on both calendars.

 Group Sign-Ups

Create group reservations for your Charters where the group leader can dive or not, pay for the group or not and group members can be identified immediately by name or auto-assigned. Create your large group in seconds!!!

Why Use the Scubaocity Connector?

Without the Scubaocity Sync:

If you are looking to track your reservations in EncomPos Retail as well as online, without the sync to Scubaocity, entries will need to be made manually in EncomPos, doubling your entries and time.

Classes will need to be scheduled in both sides, and reservations made online will need to be manually added to the EncomPos Retail Calendar.

With the Scubaocity Sync:

For as little as the cost of two dive trips a month you can have a scheduling / tracking / marketing system for your dive shop.

Charters & Multi-Day Trips will need to be scheduled in both sides and reservations made online will need to be manually added to the EncomPos Retail Calendar.

All activities sync between EncomPos and Scubaocity, making for a seamless transfer of data.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility where customers can easily be moved, swapped or dropped.

Without the Scubaocity Sync:

Event Options will need to be created in both sides and manually added to each reservation in the EncomPos Retail Calendar.

The EncomPos Calendar will not be populated, and reservations will need to be rung through the POS as a product sale, which provides no tracking, roster or any of the SCUBA features and benefits built into EncomPos.


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