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Using Line of Credit Accounts

Establish a Line of Credit for a customer, tender against the account, pull statements to bill the customer and receive their payments into the account.

Create a Punch Card and Use it at the POS

Set up a punch card in the Retail Operations, use the card at the Point of Sale then view the card status under the customers profile.

Assign & Use the Direct Ring Buttons

See how to set items up as direct sellers in the Retail Operations and then how to use them at the Point of Sale.

Issue a Customer Return

See how to use the customers receipt to return merchandise or do a manual return when there is no receipt.

Special Order Items

Use your supplier catalogs to order and take a deposit for a specific customer. Use the reorder analysis to ensure the item gets ordered and received for fast and easy pickup.

Split Tendering

Tender a sale using multiple forms of payment.

Sell, Redeem & Recharge Gift Cards

Everything you need to know on selling, redeeming, recharging and reselling gift cards at the Point of Sale.

Package Items on the Fly

For unlimited packaging of multiple products, see how to use the Package on the Fly button.

Express Sellers

Learn how to make an item an express seller, customize your express seller interface for the POS and use the express sell to sell products.

Giveaway Gift Cards

Assign a value to one or more gift cards without ringing it through as tender, then give them away to customers so they want to come back in to shop some more.

Alter or Delete a Sale After It's Completed

See how to access a finished sale to change tendering, assign or reassign the customer, change commissions or delete the sale altogether.

Merge Duplicate Customer Entries

See how to take duplicate customer entries and merge them into one.

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