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EncomPos Customer Kiosk Satisfaction

EncomPos Kiosk

New for 2019, EncomPos Kiosk will allow customers to interact with a stand alone terminal to sign up as a store customer, answering customized industry questions that get stored under their profile. To make it worth their time, a reward can be added on so customers receive an instant printed or emailed coupon to use in the store.

Kiosk Benefits

Attract New Customers

By offering incentives to sign up, customers are more likely to spend the time to enter their information, thus personalizing their shopping experience and increasing the chance of return visits.

Gain Insight Into Purchases

Capturing customer information provides you with better insight into your customers purchasing behaviors, helping you understand their wants and needs.

EncomPos Customer Satisfaction graphic

Get To Know Your Customers

Targeted questions in the customer interview are specific by industry, so pet stores can get details on their customers pets and dive stores can get diver certifications on their divers, and so on.

Speed Up the Check-Out

By eliminating new customer data entry at the Point of Sale while also improving data accuracy at the kiosk from the source, your check out process just got better.


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