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EnCorp™ Multi-Store Synchronization

Share what you want between locations with our scalable solution.

EnCorp Tier 1

Automated synchronization from 2 to many stores. Includes robust options on how a store participates in the sharing of data.

Sync all new and existing customers.

Sync inventory changes to include new products, department changes, price changes, descriptive changes, supplier changes and inventory deletes.

Sync reward programs, customer line of credit accounts, store credits, gift cards.

View inventory on hand counts for each location.

Lock local store editing of suppliers, brands, departments, and inventory deletions to create a true headquarters environment.

EnCorp Tier 2

Our HQ package center for managing controlled change delivery to one or more stores efficiently to minimize manager effort.

Send new or update existing inventory products.

Send price changes (cost, retail, margin and markup).

Update inventory descriptions,sizes and attributes.

Store transfer inventory between stores.

Send promotions and loyalty programs

Update product discontinued status

Send department, supplier and brand changes as well as min/max values.


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