One of the largest independent pet chains in the Northeast, here is Pet Goods story.

Although, many may think that Pet Goods is green to the industry, the original proprietors, Mr. Richard Covello and Mr. Steven Fusaro are actually veterans of the pet chain retail business. Since 1979, Mr. Covello and Mr. Fusaro owned, operated, and cultivated the former retail chain, Pet Nosh; a name that rings familiarity within the industry and pet lovers alike. Pet Nosh grew to a sizeable chain across the northeast before a larger pet chain bought them out. Five years later, ready to give it a go again, Richard came out of retirement and opened the first Pet Goods store located in Scarsdale, New York and then one year later, Steve joined Richard in opening Pet Goods of Paramus in New Jersey. We're sad to say that Richard passed away not too long ago, but his legacy lives on with his children, who have taken his spot in the Pet Goods story.

Pet Goods Logo

Our history with Richard and Steve is similiar in nature to their beginnings. We originally met in the 1990's when we worked for a small point of sale company in Florida. Kim originally installed the two stores they had at the time with this other software and both Kim & Lewis worked closely with Pet Goods during the next several years.

When we left in 2004 to start up EncomPos Software, Richard and Steve decided that as soon as we had our product ready they wanted to change their retail point of sale and go with ours. In 2008 Pet Goods switched to EncomPos Retail and they have never looked back. 

Pet Goods has since grown to 4 stores across New York and New Jersey. And in order to stay competitive, they have maximized all of the tools EncomPos Software has to offer. 

Number one on the list is maintaining stock levels in each store. This is critical to doing business and keeping up with their customers expectations. Pet Goods does this by using the EncomPos reorder analysis tool, which checks movement data and current onhand levels to accurately generate suggested order amounts. And while they are building their orders, they can check to see if merchandise listed under a different supplier can be replenished from the supplier they are currently placing the order for, thus minimizing out of stocks and becoming much more efficient. Cross ordering is accomplished by the unique inclusion of supplier catalogs separate from the store inventory accomplishing access to the same product acrosss mutiple vendors.

Next has to be reducing the amount of time and employee effort. To do this Pet Goods makes use of several portable Worth Data 7001 terminals in each store along with mobile Datamax O'neil LP3 printers, so they can remotely place orders, receive orders and print shelf tags. As well, Pet Goods uses EncomPos EnCorp Tier 2 HQ Package Center for sending price updates, new products, and their monthly promotions from their main store to each of their other stores, minimizing manager effort at each location and ending the need to manually enter the data in at each location, which is a huge time saver.

Pet Goods Store

Then there are the Pet Goods reward programs. At any given time Pet Goods offers over 35 reward programs that track spend amounts and purchase quantities to automatically issue a reward to the customer upon reaching the set goal.

As Steve explains, "if we didn't have EncomPos Retail to manage our 35+ reward programs, we would never be able to keep track, and our customer's would never let us hear the end of it!  With EncomPos, the customer never has to worry about losing track of their purchase. The receipt shows them each program they are signed up for and how much they have left to go before they get their reward. It's a win-win situation."

Finally keeping up with their suppliers price changes, discontinued products and new product lines through regularly updated digital catalogs that are imported into EncomPos Retail keeps Pet Goods in the best position to excel. Not only do the catalogs provide insight into the best prices, but they also give Pet Goods the rapid ability to update inventory pricing from catalog cost changes so they can effectively manage their margins on a regular basis and ensure they are getting the most from their investment.

When asked if they could run their multiple stores without point of sale as robust as EncomPos Retail, Richards remarked, "Without these tools from EncomPos we would not be able to stay ahead of the industry, which you have to do these days to stay in business. I've worked with Kim and Lewis for many years and can tell you that they put their customers ahead of everything else and that makes a big difference for us." 



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